Flexible deployment to match your needs
Deploy in the Cloud
Access 24/7 as an on-demand service via the cloud, hosted and supported by PropelDocs or a trusted partner. Choose SaaS in a hosted multi-tenant or dedicated environment. Available on AWS Azure.
You can deploy PropelDocs in the public cloud to eliminate upfront capital costs, have flexible scaling, and pay for only what you need. Let a partner host PropelDocs on world-class infrastructure, and take care of all the technical details.
  • Our partners provide quick, on-demand access to PropelDocs without the need to purchase, install, or manage your own instance of the software.
  • They offer the data management, professional services and support expertise you require - with as much administrative control and support as you desire - to manage your data rooms.
  • Our partners are seasoned experts in managing high-volume, sensitive data related to legal matters, and they understand what is required to ensure a successful engagement.
On Premise
Host on premise or in your private cloud using your own infrastructure, servers and License
PropelDocs provides a lightweight solution that can be flexibly deployed in your environment, integrated with your IT infrastructure, systems and processes, or spun up in the cloud. You have unique needs and specifications when it comes to deploying software. A PropelDocs license gives you options.
  • Deploying PropelDocs in your own environment and on your own hardware allows for maximum control of your PropelDocs experience, with minimal additional hardware expenses.
  • You control your data, system maintenance, security and releases, have complete freedom to tailor and maintain the software as your business needs evolve, and can quickly scale with your needs with no data storage restrictions.
  • PropelDocs can be integrated with your other applications with flexible configuration capabilities.