Legal services delivery solutions for law firms.
Provide innovative legal services delivery with faster, more intelligent outcomes for your clients.
Deal Rooms to Discovery. PropelDocs is your all-in-one legal collaboration platform for delivering intelligent client outcomes
Manage litigation and compliance review matters more costs-effectively and efficiently with integrated eDiscovery, case management and document review tools and workflows.
Collaborate effectively with clients, internal teams and co-counsel using PropelDocs' Office Online document review and online editing features.
Deliver better client outcomes with integrated deal intelligence, workflow and automation tools for transactional matters.
Be more productive with secure collaboration
Intelligent Virtual Data Room
Accelerate your deals with secure online deal review with advanced workflow automation and search features, built for M&A due diligence, capital transactions, reorganization and exchange offers, real estate transactions, and other matters.
Litigation War Rooms & and eDiscovery
Win litigation matters with integrated case management tools and eDiscovery grade processing and search.
Efficient File Sharing & External Collaboration
Increase law firm productivity and streamline collaboration by empowering individuals and teams to share work product, practice management data, contracts, and more. Quickly and securely share and work collaboratively on documents with external parties, such as clients, vendors or third parties requesting information—without putting your data at risk.
Be more efficient with intelligent document workflows
Automated Workflow
Remove the burden of manual tasks in litigation, M&A, real estate, and other legal service delivery. You define events and easily set up key criteria to trigger real-time notifications, privilege and document tagging, and document quarantine.
Automated Collection
Ensure you have all the right documents by automating and tracking document requests for due diligence, discovery, or other matters. Click “request docs” and assign individuals who can securely upload docs. You get auto-requests, auto-notifications and seamless completion tracking.
Deal & Case Work Intelligence
Data dashboards and auto-notifications give unprecedented visibility into deal activity and case work. Monitor uploads, downloads and review activity for insight into areas of heightened deal engagement and case progress.

Request docs with the click of a button or set trigger criteria

Members receive real-time notifications of doc requests

Members granted access to seamlessly upload docs

Docs uploaded to e-discovery grade secure server

Automated digitization, search, and tagging for sensitive data, privilege, and other categories

Identify, quarantine, and lock down confidential and sensitive information

Get to information faster with accelerated search & review
Accelerated Search & Review
High-fidelity Document Viewer accelerates review with 80+ file types, so you don’t waste time jumping to external apps or browser plugins. eDiscovery-grade search with advanced syntax retrieves information in milliseconds.
Enhanced Searchability with Auto-Digitization
Full text indexing, auto metadata extraction, international language support, and auto-digitization of scanned documents via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) provides enhanced searchability.
Organized Tagging & Offline Review
Customize tagging for document review management and leverage built-in version control. “Drag & drop” files with entire folder structures in tact so you can easily download/upload docs for organized review. Drill into complex spreadsheets right down to cell formulas. Seamlessly convert files to PDF for offline review.
Be more successful with client engagement
Client Portal
Provide clients with real-time matter information, progress updates, and financial reporting for transparency and trust-building.
Knowledge Sharing
Showcase the firm’s thought leadership and expertise with resources, publications, guides, events, and seminars.
Packaged Service Delivery
Productize the firm’s legal expertise by building client modules with playbooks, guides, legal templates, and risk management tools for regulatory assessment, audit, compliance, and remediation.