Document Management
PropelDocs gives you the flexibility to supplement existing document management capabilities or be your organization’s all-in-one platform for secure electronic document management in the cloud.
Manage the files that support the collaborative work of your enterprise teams
Powerful document management capabilities enable you to control files, manage permissions, and set up automated document workflows.
Fast, Easy & Powerful
Easily share and manage documents by sending a secure link via email, text, or other communication. Or simply drag and drop documents or entire folder structures from devices to rooms and between rooms, preserving file structure and enabling easy organization.
Bulk uploads and downloadable PDFs empower teams to share large amounts of data quickly. Index view for quick folder and document organization.
Administer easily
Delegate document management to team members, practice management, or IT with powerful administration tools. Use simple templates to set up permission management models in seconds, including file structures, users and documents.
Features include Active Directory integration, dynamic watermarks, user roles and permissions, folder permissions, bulk uploads, automated document requests, editing / renaming documents and folders, and deleting / restoring documents.
Intelligent document Collection
Ensure you have all the right documents by automating and tracking document requests for due diligence, discovery, or other matters. Click “request docs” and assign individuals who can securely upload docs. You get auto-requests, auto-notifications and seamless completion tracking.
Intelligent document Workflows
Remove the burden of manual tasks in litigation, M&A, real estate, and other legal service delivery. You define events and easily set up key criteria to trigger real-time notifications, privilege and document tagging, and document quarantine.
International Document Management
Multi-language digitization via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Unicode support that enables consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems, including CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), among many others.
Intelligence Search and Auto-Digitization
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Accelerated Document Review, Tagging and Version Control
View 80+ file types directly in Propel's high-fidelity Document Viewer so you don't waste time jumping to external apes or browser plugins. "Drag & drop" files with entire folder structures in tart so you can easily download/upload dots for organized review. Drill into complex spreadsheets right down to cell formulas. Seamlessly convert files to PDF for offline review. Customize tagging for document review management and leverage built-In version control.
Control & Audit
Ensure only authorized individuals or team members have access to specific documents, folders or data rooms. Know who has accessed which document, folder or room, and when. Complete audit trail with downloadable reports and real-time notifications provides insight into users’ actions.
Downloadable PDF and native folders and documents by permission and role. Control with watermark enforcement.